Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology
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Published: Thursday 17th of February 2022 11:29:49 AM
Prof. Dorcas Yole
"The immunology of vaccines"
Dr James Nyariki
"The scientists path"
Research and Innovation
Bosire Ouko, Nyabuga James Nyariki, Peninah Wairagu
James Nyariki, E.Njillani, Atunga Nyachieo
Victoria Mwaeni, James Nyariki, Ngalla Jillani
Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organisation
Alexandar Von Humboldt
The Safaricom Foundation
German Development Agency
International Society for Horticultural Science
The Biorisk Management Association of Kenya
The Institute of Primates Research
British Ecological Society
TReND in Africa
International Center for Insect Ecology and Physiology
United Nations Environment Programme
Ecological Society of Eastern Africa
The Pollination Network
Biochemical Society
International Society for Computational Biology