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School of Biological and Life Sciences, FAST

A Practical-Oriented Approach to Science and Technology is Better

Why Us?

Practical Training

Balanced curriculum on theoretical and practical training

Industry-Based Learning

Internal and External industry-based Learning, industrial visits, Exchange programs and internships

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training is part of our curriculumn

Border circle
Dr. Susan Imbahale

You must be willing to do what others are not willing to do, in order to have things tomorrow that others won't have.

Mar 14-25 Term Examinations

Apr 4-15 Semester Examinations

Practical Manuals
Practical manuals are ready for purchase at the School Office.

Academic Programs


  • Diploma in Technology (Science Laboratory Technology)
  • Diploma in Technology (Industrial and Applied Biology)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Applied Biology)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Science Laboratory Technology)


  • M.Sc Parasitology
  • M.Tech Applied Parasitology
  • M.Tech Applied Entomology
  • PhD in Parasitology
  • PhD in Immunology
  • PhD in Entomology
  • PhD in Epidemiology

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