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Students - Best student in the graduating class of 2015

Victoria Kiwasi Mwaeni, graduated as the best student overall at the 2015 graduation of The Technical University of Kenya (TU-K). She pursued Bachelor of Technology (Biotechnology option) at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, School of Biological and Life Sciences, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.
Victoria was born and raised up in the present day Taita Taveta County, Kenya. Previously, she attended Ndile Primary School and Murray Girls High School, both in Taita Taveta County. These are not schools one can say have the best to offer in education – but the standard Kenyan schools in a rural remote village.
Victoria grew as a humble and a disciplined child. She determined her love for biological sciences from an early age and made it her passion. Her choice of the biotechnology option was a fulfilment of her wishes and dreams. She built a strong sense of self belief with the trust that her parents and siblings placed on her to get an education. She could only work hard towards making them proud. Victoria had the inspiration to make her parents, siblings and teachers proud – and she never let them down, she never disappointed them.


Equipment donation from African Development Bank to the school of biological and life sciences

The School of Biological and Life Sciences has been a beneficiary of equipment donated by African Development Bank donated through the Government of Kenya. It is not possible to effectively teach disciplines in biology without experimentation, and the latter requires equipment. Although the School had a few working pieces of laboratory equipment, most of them are obsolete, and there was a dire need of modern equipment. Departments in the School have been developing Master’s degree programmes that are ready to roll out in September 2016. It was going to be a great challenge to teach Master’s students without the appropriate equipment. The School is very grateful to the African Development Bank, and to the Kenyan Government for these pieces of equipment, which will assist in producing graduates scientifically and technically equipped in line with our motto “Education and Training the Real World”.


Master’s degree Program launch

The School of Biological and Life Sciences at the Technical University of Kenya announces the launch of three Master’s degree programmes (Master of Philosophy in Applied Parasitology, Master of Technology in Applied Parasitology, Master of Science in Applied Parasitology and Master of Science in Forensic Biochemistry) that will start in September 2016. For information about the programmes and how to apply, check under Academic programmes within the school.

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