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About The School

In the face of diversity and breadth of biological sciences, The School of Biological and Life Sciences at the Technical University of Kenya creates an opportunity for new specializations to enhance capacity building, collaborations and maximization in utilization of resources, both physical and human. The school has four academic departments.  The Department of Applied and Technical Biology focuses on the training in biology and its applications, such as industrial, agricultural, medical, research and forestry, while Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology explores bio-molecules isolation, analysis and use. The Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology focuses on the sustainable use of natural resources, while the Department of Food Science and Technology’s main focus is largely on application of biological sciences, in this respect borrowing heavily from biology and chemistry to improve the quality of human life.

The school is headed by a director who reports through the faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, to the vice-chancellor of The Technical University of Kenya. The director provides overall leadership to the school. The director is assisted by chairpersons of respective departments within the school. The faculty members report to the director and are tasked primarily with provision of research, teaching and capacity building. To support its capacity building activities, the school offers undergraduate (Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s) and graduate (Master’s and PhD) programmes. Human resources, administration staff and personal assistants report through the respective chairpersons of departments or to the director of the school. Several skilled laboratory technicians support the academic staff in administering practicals to students and conducting research.

Vision statement
To be a Leading School in Biological and Life Sciences

Mission statement
To provide Technological Education and Training in Biological and Life Sciences for the Advancement of Society through Research and Innovation


You are here: Home >> About the School