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The Students Association of the Technical University of Kenya (SATUK), through the office of the School Representatives, sponsored a science workshop for the School of Biological and Life Sciences. The purpose of the workshop was to address various issues entailing science projects. The objective was to expound on biological sciences research and the significant impact it has on solving societal problems and subsequently generating income by tapping into the opportunities presented in our day-to-day lives.

The speakers were Professor Dorcas Yole (Director SBLS), Dr. Patrick Okanya (Senior Lecturer DBB), Dr. James Nyariki (Lecturer DBB), Dr. Edward Okonjo (Lecturer DATB), and Dr. Patricio Njeru (Lecturer DFST), who gave very insightful talks and motivated the students to participate more in science research, innovation and project development. This was a wake-up call to students to think beyond academia and relate to the outside world. Under the leadership of Ms. Anne Dondi and Mr. Cavin Otieno (SBLS School Representatives), the students arrived at a consensus to develop strategies such as participation in club activities, and workshops, organizing more education trips, and reading science journals, identifying gaps, and finding remedies to them. This would be crucial in providing solutions to the various problems in society.

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