Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

Welcome to the

School of Biological and Life Sciences (SBLS)

At SBLS, we strive to create opportunities for specialization

To be a Leading School in Biological and Life Technologies

To Provide Education and Training in Biological and Life Sciences for the Advancement of Society through Research and Innovation

Know Our Departments

Applied and Technical Biology

The department focuses on training in biology and its applications such as industrial, agricultural, medical, research and forestry

Biochemistry and Biotechnology

The department explores bio-molecules isolation, analysis and their application in real life

Food Science and Technology

The department studies the application of biological science knowledge towards ensuring safe production of food, and to improve the quality of human life

Ecology and Conservation Biology

The department focuses on the study of interaction of organisms in their natural habitats, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources


The school is headed by a Director who reports, through the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, to the Vice-Chancellor of The Technical University of Kenya. The Director provides overall leadership to the school and is assisted by academic team leaders (ATLs) of respective departments who run the departments within the school. The faculty members report to the Director and are tasked primarily with provision of teaching, research and capacity building. To support its capacity building activities, the school offers undergraduate (Diploma and Bachelor’s) and graduate (Master’s and PhD) programmes. Several skilled laboratory technical staff support the academic staff in administering practicals to students and conducting research. To aid in the overall management of the school and its departments, administrative staff exist to provide planning and strategic support to the academic functions.