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School of Biological and Life Sciences
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The faculty members at the school are engaged in research cutting across diverse fields including:

  • Vaccine development against Schistosomiasis using herbal extracts
  • Biogeography of vervet monkeys in urban areas in Kenya
  • Integrated control of Leishmaniasis in Kenya
  • Development of botanical biopesticides against human intestinal parasites
  • Molecular fine structure of insect brains
  • Effects of miraa (Catha edulis) consumption on neurons toxicity
  • Sericulture: ecology of silkworm in Kenya
  • Novel biochemical approaches to termite breeding
  • Computational molecular characterization of insect vector genomes
  • Medical entomology: community accessible non-chemical alternatives for mosquito vector control
  • Evolutionary ecology of invasive plant species
  • Management of ecological systems
  • Ecology of plant-insect interactions
You are here: Home >> Research